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HTC Cell Phone News » AT&T trying to ditch the HTC Status?

AT&T trying to ditch the HTC Status?

AT&T trying to ditch the HTC Status?
News from Digitaltrends.com:

Rumor has it AT&T isn’t impressed with the Facebook phone’s sales.

The mythical Facebook phone became something of a unicorn in the tech world. The rumors swirled and picked up steam early this year, despite Zuckerberg and co.’s protestations (who can forget the “Um.No,” response the founder gave?). And while we’re not quite ready to give up on the idea that Facebook has zero interest in becoming a more established mobile player, it turns out that dipping its toe in the water might not have gone so well.

TechCrunch claims that a “trusted source close to AT&T” says the HTC Status – aka, the Facebook phone – isn’t long for this world. The carrier wants to…………… continues on Digitaltrends.com
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