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HTC Cell Phone News » Awesome Infographic: HTC Shows Us “The Anatomy of an Android OS Update …

Awesome Infographic: HTC Shows Us “The Anatomy of an Android OS Update …

Awesome Infographic: HTC Shows Us “The Anatomy of an Android OS Update …
News from Droid Life:

Ever wonder what the entire process of an Android update looks like? How and when do carriers get involved? Who are all of the players? How much quicker or fewer steps are there for developer or Google Play editions? When do manufacturers see the newest version of Android? All of that can be found in a lengthy infographic that HTC posted their Software Updates page, a spot that gives the status on current HTC phones and when they plan to push updates to them.

The image takes you on a journey of three different device types:  carrier, unlocked/developer, and Google Play edition. You’ll see where an update can get caught up in the system, how much easier it is for HTC to get updates ready for non-carrier phones, and more.

You can find the entire infographic below, but I found a couple of points in particular interesting:

  • According to HTC’s count, Developer/unlocked and Google Play edition devices see 3 and 4 fewer steps through an update life cycle than carrier-tied devices do.
  • Chipset manufacturers have a lot more say in updates than I think any of us ever consider. Should one of them decide that their chipsets won’t work well with a new version of Android, there is a chance that that particular phone is done for good with no new drivers made available.
  • Even though most phone OEMs are…………… continues on Droid Life

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HTC’s nightmarish year ends with more bad news
News from BGR:

Nokia has been hammering HTC with lawsuits in a variety of markets, with meager results. The rather narrow sales injunction against the HTC One mini was recently overturned by an appellate court in the United Kingdom. But hope springs eternal because Nokia has now finally landed a broad patent win against HTC.

The patent in question concerns USB technology and how a PC selects the proper driver when it connects to a phone. This technology is used by all HTC Android phones and the sales injunction granted by the German court could thus block sales of all HTC Android models in Europe’s largest phone market.

However, as we have seen with prior patent cases, major sales injunctions tend to get repealed on appeal. This is a step forward for Nokia, though. Its previous patent wins have been narrower. This time around,

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