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HTC Cell Phone News » Carrier IQ aside, the public may want their phones tracked

Carrier IQ aside, the public may want their phones tracked

Carrier IQ aside, the public may want their phones tracked
News from GigaOm:

Since an Android developer first detected a mysterious ‘spy’ app buried in his HTC phone, Carrier IQ has become the target of public outrage, a class-action lawsuit and even a Congressional inquiry. But a new study finds that the condemnation of Carrier IQ might be misplaced, if not a bit hypocritical. According to consumer survey data collected by the Yankee Group, the vast majority of mobile phone users want their operators to have access to the very information that Carrier IQ is selling them.

Yankee Group research director Sheryl Kingstone concluded that Carrier IQ and its partners did a horrible job when it came to the public implementation of its diagnostic platform, but she found that there was no nefarious intent behind it. The repo…………… continues on GigaOm

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HP’s webOS now open source, to Compete with Apple’s iOS?
News from Touch Reviews:

On Friday, HP announced that they are officially open sourcing their popular webOS software. This comes after a long conflict, where the webOS software was excellent and widely accepted by consumers, but the hardware that ran the OS felt cheap and “easily breakable”.

After Palm’s acquisition by HP, and a revamp of the hardware, HP still failed to make an impact with great hardware.

With its TouchPad experiencing decline in sales, HP figured that open sourcing was the only option left before closing up shop in webOS altogether. By open sourcing, HP is giving way to leading phone manufacturers, such as HTC and Samsung to use the software on better hardware.

“webOS is the only p…………… continues on Touch Reviews

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