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HTC Cell Phone News » ‘Facebook phone’ due from HTC this year?

‘Facebook phone’ due from HTC this year?

‘Facebook phone’ due from HTC this year?
News from CNET:

The social network and the phone maker are reportedly working together on a new Facebook smartphone. The word comes less than six months after Facebook’s “Buffy” project emerged.

HTC is reportedly working “in cooperation” with Facebook on a customized smartphone, set to be launched in Q3 2012 at the earliest, reports DigiTimes.

HTC worked with Google on the original Nexus One, but the search turned mobile giant took its relationship to Samsung to develop its Nexus branded smartphones. HTC was left out in the dark, and its market share has fallen, and its profits dropped by 70 percent in Q1 2012 alone.

Samsung has the largest slice of the market share pie, while HTC holds out in fifth place with a fraction of Samsung’s share, according to recent ComScore statistics.

It makes perfectly good sense for HTC to climb back up the ladder and find its own niche. If Samsung has Nexus, and Apple has the continues on CNET

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HTC Media Link HD
News from PC Magazine:

HTC’s Media Link HD is a great idea. Now HTC just needs to make it work. 

Today’s smartphones are powerful video players, but it’s usually too difficult to get that video onto a big screen. Apple leads the way with AirPlay, although that requires the gigantic $ 99 dongle known as the Apple TV (4 stars). Otherwise, you’re stuck either with HDMI cables—convenient and idiot-proof, but they tether you very close to your screen—or DLNA over Wi-Fi, which is usually almost impossible to set up from the TV end of things.

Media Link is a hybrid approach: It’s a dongle about the size of a deck of cards which hooks into your TV using a full-sized HDMI cable. It’s dead simple to set up, works with HTC’s new One S ($ 199, 4.5 stars) and One X phones, and presumably should let you press a button on your phone to show things on your TV.


Let’s go over how it should work. You plug the Media Link into your TV and into the wall. On your HTC phone, swipe up on the screen with t…………… continues on PC Magazine

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