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HTC Cell Phone News » How HTC designed the new One — its most important phone ever (interview)

How HTC designed the new One — its most important phone ever (interview)

How HTC designed the new One — its most important phone ever (interview)
News from VentureBeat:

There’s plenty that device maker HTC needs to prove this year — but its refined design sense is not one of them.

With the new HTC One (M8), its latest flagship smartphone, HTC has thrown down the gauntlet on smartphone design. Its metal case looks more like it came from a high-end car than a phone. And compared to competitors like Samsung, which still rely on plastic for their gadgets, it’s as if HTC is working on an entirely new level.

But much of that was also true for last year’s One, and yet it wasn’t enough to lure consumers away from their iPhones and Samsung Galaxies. With this new One, HTC needs to prove that its killer design sensibility can also make consumers pay attention.

At the One’s launch event on Tuesday, I had a chance to speak with Jonah Becker, HTC’s associate vice president of design, and Drew Bamford, HTC’s lead software designer. As you can imagine, design was a big focus of our wide-ranging conversation.

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News from ABC News:

The HTC One might be the best smartphone you never heard of.

The phone won critical acclaim last year, yet it barely made a dent in the marketplace. It’s overshadowed by Apple’s iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones.

Good thing HTC Corp. doesn’t understand defeat.

An updated One expands on some of the features that made it notable. The new One has a metal design like last year’s model, but it feels smoother and more comfortable in my hands. The back edges are more curved and remind me of the sleek finish in Apple’s latest iPads. HTC also turns its hub for personalized content, the BlinkFeed, into a companion rather than an unwelcomed guest.

HTC is making the Android phone available through all major carriers simultaneously this time, starting Tuesday online and by April 10 in retail stores. Verizon customers don’t have to wait months, as they had last year. In an apparent concession, Verizon is the first to get them in stores — on Tuesday.

The new phone, known officially as HTC One (M8), will cost about $ 200 to $ 250 with a two-year service contract, or about $ 650 without a contract. Customers can choose gray, gold or silver.

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