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HTC Cell Phone News » HTC gets it: Cool accessories should work with every phone

HTC gets it: Cool accessories should work with every phone

HTC gets it: Cool accessories should work with every phone
News from Digital Trends:

Being locked into an ecosystem is part and parcel of modern smartphone ownership. You dip a toe into Android or iPhone, and something beneath the surface grabs hold and won’t let go. Over time, it pulls you down into the depths, from where there’s no escape. Most of us have accepted this. We happily buy our apps from certain app stores, deal with incompatible chargers, and live with accessories that only work with a few products. It’s a fact of life, and finally a company agrees with us.

HTC’s new Re Camera, and the Zoe photo app, are compatible (or will be very soon) with not only Android phones made by other manufacturers, but Apple’s iPhone as well. Genius! HTC gets it.

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Not locking the Re Camera down will help HTC

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