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HTC One S Android phone

HTC One S Android phone
News from New York Daily News:

It’s not easy to compete with the iPhone and the wonder of iTunes gaming.

Ever since Apple first unveiled its touchscreen masterpiece back in 2007 (seems like eons longer, doesn’t it?), the world’s other smartphone manufacturers have been long chasing their tails.

Count HTC among the companies battling oh-so-hard to catch up. But after a shaky 2011, it reinvents itself with the new HTC One S. And this almost-invisible smartphone, a T-Mobile offering that debuted in early May, just may make you think about putting down your iPhone and giving Android another chance.

My experience with Android phones has long been this: They traditionally pack a lot of firepower, presenting intriguing hardware and ideas and applications. But often, the package is clunky and bugs abound, leading me back towards the overwhelming polish of the slightly underpowered iPhone.

No such issues here. Sure, the HTC One S makes some concessions, but it also oozes polish and class, delivering an Android experience like no other.

It all starts with the unbelievably tiny and light chassis. At 0.31 inches thick, the One S is actually only slightly skinnier than the iPhone 4S (0.37 inches), and it can’t touch Motorola’s Droid Razr (0.28 inches). But somehow, the One S manages to make both phones feel chunky by comparison. It simply FEELS thinner, s…………… continues on New York Daily News

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