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HTC Cell Phone News » HTC Windows Phone Titan reviewed – Fudzilla

HTC Windows Phone Titan reviewed – Fudzilla

HTC Windows Phone Titan reviewed – Fudzilla
News from HTC Windows Phone Titan reviewed – Fudzilla:

HTC Titan was among the first smartphones with Windows Phone 7.5 aka Mango operative system and has been on the market for a couple of months now. You can find it priced at about €467. As the price suggest, the Titan is high-end device, actually one of the best phones you can get with Windows Phone Mango.

With the largest screen of any Windows Phone currently on the market, the HTC Titan lets you work big and play big. Display diagonal measures 4.7”, while the device itself measures 131.5mm x 71mm x 9.9mm. All in all, you can clearly see, and feel, that the Titan is a quality piece of gear.

titan phone specs

Of course, bigger displays offer better multimedia experience, give a better view of websites, enhance work efficiency, etc., so it’s quite understandable to see phones growing in size. However, the Titan is not the largest phone around, that would be the Samsung Note. However the Note is somewhat of a mixture of a phone and a tablet, meaning it’s too big to hold and work on with only one hand (picture below). While the Titan dwarfs classic phones, you’ll have no problems with it if you have bigger hands – otherwise, some things will be much easier when using both han…………… continues on HTC Windows Phone Titan reviewed – Fudzilla

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Surprise! The HTC Rezound may be Verizon’s first LTE world phone
News from Android Community:

Rumors have been flying for a couple of months that Verizon is set to introduce LTE phones with world roaming capabilities any time now. But according to the practical experimentation of one XDA Developers member, the HTC Rezound already has this ability, somewhat hidden. When “i rule 123” disabled the 4G LTE radio on his Resound, he noticed a new option for a Global mode. He popped in a T-Mobile UK SIM card, and lo and behold, it both made and received calls – no hacking required.

Of course, this is XDA we’re talking about here. After enlisting the help of his fellow forum-dwellers, the Rezound owner managed to coax the phone into using both upload and download data, and receiving text messages. Unfortunately sending text messages is impossible at the moment, but plenty of folks are actively working on the problem. The international calling and data seems to work fine with home-made ROMs, including the latest AOSP Ice cream Sandwich build. For all of these, all that’s required is a few tweaks of the APN settings.

The real question is, was the international functionality included at t…………… continues on Android Community

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