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HTC Cell Phone News » Mango Rolling out as Early as Tomorrow

Mango Rolling out as Early as Tomorrow

Mango Rolling out as Early as Tomorrow
News from Windows 8 Beta:

Well we already reported about the official Mango date announcement by Microsoft that the Windows Phone 7.5 update will be rolling out “in a week or two” so it was about time for the carriers to respond to this announcement.

As we speak some of the carriers like AT&T and Verizon readying up for the Mango rollout on  the 27th September for Mango on their network,but who’s going to be the first one?Well Deutsche Telekom might well be the first one to rollout Mango as early as 26th September that is tomorrow.The Rollout will start off with the Mango update on the HTC based Windows Phones.

Windows Phone Mango(WP 7.5) is the first major Windows Phone update after the phone release,bringing 500+ features to Windows Phone,including 3rd party multitasking,Inter…………… continues on Windows 8 Beta
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