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MWC 2012

MWC 2012
News from What to expect? – Hindustan Times:


Mobile World Congress is the premier event for the telecom industry to announce and release their latest arsenal to ensnare that next customer. With MWC 2012 around the corner, the industry is rife with rumours and speculations: Will we see the first quad-core phone this year? Is 3D display is the

next big thing? This year is going to be pretty exciting for tablets too. Lets look at what the top manufacturers are expected to show this MWC.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is not coming this MWC. Expected devices include a lot of cheap phones for the growing markets, along with the Ace Plus and Star 3. Since Samsung is a little short on ICS devices right now, we might be seeing some filler products like Galaxy S2 Plus and Galaxy Note S as well. And then of course there will be Galaxy Ace 2 and Galaxy Mini 2, which are already announced.

Samsung just might show the fabled Galaxy Tab 7.7 and the rumour mills are full of speculation about the Galaxy Tab 11.6, though there is no official word about these.

One of the most striking things to happen with Sony is the Sony brand taking over the Sony Ericsson portfolio. Along with the Sony Xperia S, we expect Sony Xperia U and Sony Xperia P to pop up as well. we will be expecting more news on the Xperia Play, hopefully.</…………… continues on What to expect? – Hindustan Times

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