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HTC Cell Phone News » Nokia Lumia 920 or HTC 8X: Which Windows Phone 8 device is better?

Nokia Lumia 920 or HTC 8X: Which Windows Phone 8 device is better?

Nokia Lumia 920 or HTC 8X: Which Windows Phone 8 device is better?
News from NDTV:

Thanksgiving, is it? I’ll tell you what I’m thankful for: competition.

Because competition drives innovation. Innovation leads to improvement. Improvement begets happiness.

In the tech world, some companies do their most innovative work when their backs are against the wall – especially Microsoft. Last month, it took the wraps off Windows Phone 8, the most polished edition yet of its beautiful, crystal-clear software for touch-screen phones.

Unfortunately, as a Microsoft product manager told me understatedly, “We have an awareness problem.” Translation: Nobody is buying Windows phones. And since nobody’s buying them, nobody’s writing apps for them. And since nobody’s writing apps – well, you can see where this is going.

Still, Microsoft isn’t giving up. This month, Windows Phone 8 arrives aboard two fascinating new phones: the Nokia Lumia 920 ($ 100 with a new AT&T contract) and the HTC Windows Phone 8X ($ 200 from AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile). HTC 8X is available in India for Rs. 35,023 while Nokia Lumia 920 is yet to release in the country.

It’s funny about Nokia and HTC; they, too, are fallen giants. Nokia was the world’s largest cellphone maker for 14 years straight; not anymore. At the moment, it’s in seventh place among smartphone makers. It has shed tens of thousands of employees. HTC is strugg…………… continues on NDTV

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News from San Francisco Chronicle:

Thanks to the incredible sales of its Galaxy SIII and other Android phones, Samsung became a juggernaut in 2012.

It now dominates smartphone market share worldwide, and its being rewarded with massive revenues and profit.

Over the past 12 months, Samsung revenues were $ 173 billion.

The operating income from its mobile business alone is more than $ 4.5 billion per quarter.

Soon, Samsung’s mobile operating income well be twice as much as Google’s overall operating income.

What’s truly incredible about this rise is that as recently as a year ago, Samsung wasn’t even the leading seller of Android phones.

Back in 2011, that was HTC.

And that’s why, even in the year of the

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