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HTC Cell Phone News » Nokia Lumia 920 vs HTC Windows Phone 8 X head to head review

Nokia Lumia 920 vs HTC Windows Phone 8 X head to head review

Nokia Lumia 920 vs HTC Windows Phone 8 X head to head review
News from V3.co.uk:

HTC, despite is reputation as maker of Android-powered smartphones, has one of the longest relationships with Microsoft of any mobile manufacturer. It created devices for the now-extinct Windows Mobile back in the days when smartphones were still a rare luxury item.

However since then Nokia’s muscled in on the territory, launching its Lumia line of smartphones and becoming known across the world as the primary Windows Phone handset maker.

The two firms have subsequently been jostling for position as the go-to Windows Phone handest maker. Most notably, HTC stole some of Nokia’s thunder by unveiling its Windows Phone 8 X (WP8 X) before Nokia could show off its own Lumia 920. Both then claimed to have been anointed by Microsoft as the maker of the flagship Windows Phone handset.

Looking to clear up the confusion, we’ve put the Lumia 920 and WP8 X head to head, to see which smartphone is most worthy of the title.

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