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HTC Cell Phone News » Over half of 2nd-gen WP7 phones are Nokias, but HTC leads overall

Over half of 2nd-gen WP7 phones are Nokias, but HTC leads overall

Over half of 2nd-gen WP7 phones are Nokias, but HTC leads overall
News from GSMArena.com:

When Microsoft released their quarterly financial results, there wasn’t a peep about Windows Phone. So, we have to look to third-party statistics, like the one from OccassionalGamer, whose games have been installed over a million times on various WP phones out there.

Their statistics show over half of the Windows Phone handsets out there bear an HTC logo with Samsung coming in after them with about a third of the handsets. LG holds third place (but they have no second-gen WP7 phones). Nokia is currently a distant fourth.

Looking at just the second-generation devices (the ones that came after Mango was released), Nokia (who missed the first round of WP phones) takes the top spot with a 45% share. The majority of that is made up of Lumia 800s with the occasional Lumia 710 (they are about six 800s for every 710).

HTC is a close second with 40% share, with the HTC Radar doing pretty well for itself. It’s ahead of the Lumia 710 but trails the 800. Samsung is third when it comes to se…………… continues on GSMArena.com

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“HTC Velocity 4G Is Blisteringly Fast Pity About The Android OS”
News from SmartHouse:

When operating the Velocity at Telstra’s fastest 3G capabilities I found that the device was significantly faster than what Verizon delivered in Las Vegas, this is due to Telstra using 3G dual channel HSPA+ connectivity at the top end of their 3G service.

Tests conducted in Mosman which is more than 5 kilometres from the Sydney CBD revealed that when the phone ran in 3G mode that I was able to achieve faster download speeds with the Velocity than with the new Google Samsung Nexus, the iPhone 4S and recent HTC Sensation models released with the new Beats Audio technology. Speeds reached 28Mbs in 3G mode.

Back in North Sydney at 6.30pm which is when there is less people using the Telstra 4G network I was able to get speeds of 36Mbps with web sites opening instantly and a YouTube video opening faster than my notebook running on a corporate Ethernet connection.

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