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HTC Cell Phone News » Review: HTC Re Camera Fun, but Doesn’t Beat Phones

Review: HTC Re Camera Fun, but Doesn’t Beat Phones

Review: HTC Re Camera Fun, but Doesn’t Beat Phones
News from ABC News:

Don’t live your life through a screen.

That’s the premise behind HTC’s new Re camera, which aims to let users document all of life’s little moments and actually experience them, too, instead of watching through a viewfinder or a screen. In fact, the Re doesn’t have either — we’ll get to that.

The camera, launching Saturday in the U.S., is tiny, waterproof and easy to grip. But, at $ 199, is it good enough to replace your smartphone or digital camera?



Some people asked if it was an asthma inhaler, but the Re is better described as a miniature submarine periscope, about the size of a small candy bar. There’s no need to turn it on. You grab it, and it’s ready to shoot. To take stills of up to 16 megapixels, click one button quickly. Or hold that button and record video at 1080p high definition. A second button triggers a slow-motion video mode.

Like I said, there’s no viewfinder or display of any kind. You can view what you’re shooting through an app on your phone, but if I’m going to do that, I might as well just take the shot with my phone.

The lens is wide-angled, so ostensibly you’ll shoot whatever y…………… continues on ABC News

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