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HTC Cell Phone News » T-Mobile Introduces Two 4G Android Phones

T-Mobile Introduces Two 4G Android Phones

T-Mobile Introduces Two 4G Android Phones
News from InformationWeek:

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While T-Mobile awaits word about whether it will be acquired by AT&T, the company is rolling out new HTC and Samsung 4G phones.

T-Mobile USA announced the forthcoming availability of two new 4G…………… continues on InformationWeek

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News from CNET:

HTC Rhyme

(Credit: HTC)

I don’t hate girly things. Shiny, pink objects actually excite me, but sometimes the marketing of gadgets to women takes the meat out of a product.

I’ve been oohing and aahing over the HTC Rhyme because it’s so hot and sexy, but geez. I was so distracted by the gorgeous purple color that I didn’t even notice what operating system was installed or why its processor is not as powerful as the HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio–another recently released HTC Android phone.

continues on CNET

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