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HTC Cell Phone News » Why a Facebook phone is doomed to be the next Zune

Why a Facebook phone is doomed to be the next Zune

Why a Facebook phone is doomed to be the next Zune
News from Digitaltrends.com:

As HTC and Facebook pursue building a phone together, they both risk alienating far more important partners – a lesson they should have picked up from Microsoft’s Zune fiasco.

In the list of bad ideas, the rumored “Facebook phone” (which will apparently be built by HTC and may fork the Android code base) is arguably one of the worst ideas since… well, the Zune. Let’s explore that today by looking at some of Microsoft’s own missteps with the ill-fated PMP, and where Facebook and HTC seem to be repeating them.


To recap the history of the Zune, Microsoft made three massively strategic mistakes over the last three decades. The first mistake Microsoft made was to build the

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Carriers, Manufacturers Called Out for Failing to Update Android Phones
News from eWeek:

Security firm Bit9 on Nov. 21 released its “Dirty Dozen” list of insecure smartphones. The list focused on Android smartphones because approximately 56 percent of Android phones in the marketplace are running out-of-date and insecure versions of the mobile operating system, Harry Svedlove, CTO of Bit9, told eWEEK.

Smartphone manufacturers Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG are slow to upgrade these phones to the latest and most secure version of Android, Bit9 said in its report. The manufacturers are focused on pushing out the latest new models every few months, but users are generally locked into two-year contracts, Svedlove said. Wireless carriers and manufacturers don’t bother to support users on older handsets because it’s in their financial interest to have users keep buying new handsets, he said.

Wireless service carriers and smartphone manufacturers have thus far failed to effectively handle the software update process, causing unbeliev…………… continues on eWeek

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