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HTC Cell Phone News » Windows Phone 8 reboots irk some users

Windows Phone 8 reboots irk some users

Windows Phone 8 reboots irk some users
News from PCWorld:

John P. Mello Jr., PCWorld

Smartphones made by Nokia and HTC and running Windows Phone 8 have been spontaneously rebooting and freezing for some users, according to complaints in several online forums.

Some users of the HTC 8X handset have reported anywhere from one to eight random reboots a day after purchasing their phones. The misbehavior appears to have disappeared for some users after they uninstalled an app on their phones for Facebook.

“Had no reboots today,” wrote one member of the Windows Phone Central forum. “Then opened the FB app and half an hour later got a reboot.”

At last count, 165 comments had been posted to the forum about the rebooting problem.

A forum member in Prague wrote that he…………… continues on PCWorld

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HTC CEO Peter Chou. | Source: HTC

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